#Gamification News You May Have Missed

Happy Monday! It’s raining in Seattle today, so we are staying inside and catching up on gamification news from the past week. We’ve highlighted our favorite articles below.

Gamification: Seamless Integration Business2Community 5/18/2012 One thing we have focused on at BigDoor from the beginning is making sure that publishers don’t have to put a lot of effort into adding gamification to their sites. Part of ensuring this means also ensuring simple and seamless integration. Andrzej Marczewski highlights the need for simple integration and automation in his post on gamification this week.

In the future, you’ll game without knowing it MSNBC 5/18/2012 We highlighted the Pew Research Center’s report on gamification last week, but in case you didn’t have time to read the whole thing, MSNBC did a great overview of the important points to take away from the report as well as looked at the trend of gamification as a whole. “The experts point out that game mechanics offer advantages in encouraging specific behavior and generating measureable feedback.”

MTV Creates Fantasy Football-Style Game for 2012 Presidential Election PSFK 5/18/2012 We mentioned this in a gamification news post before, but more details are being released about MTV’s plans to gamify the presidential election. Following a similar structure as a fantasy football league, MTV will ask voters to create a team of congressional and presidential hopefuls. The players will then earn points when members of their teams perform well during pre-election campaigning. The game attempts to, ’to engage players with the election process in real time, and to draw in those who have been put off by elective politics…to help young voters break down the key issues and come to conclusions themselves’. It is certainly a big goal, but with a backer like MTV, we hope this project sees real success!

Gamification, a new way of marketing #SaScon Part 1 State of Search 5/19/2012 The Search, Analytics and Social Media conference was held last week in Manchester and among the speakers was Jeff Coghlan of Matmi. Jeff spoke about gamification in everyday life and how it can be used inside businesses to encourage employee productivity and better management solutions. If gamifying a business is an interest of yours, this is a great read.

Multiple Choice Inside Higher Ed 5/18/2012 Grading systems in college are complained about by university professors and students alike. Complex and time consuming grading systems eat up valuable professor time while being difficult for students to understand and succeed under. Mika LaVaque-Manty a professor of political science at University of Michigan is introducing game mechanics to let students control how they want to be graded. Students are guided to make decisions on how they will be graded based on their learning styles and preferences. LaVaque-Manty claims the system was a success and provided increased motivation of students during the course. He plans to try it again next semester.