The #Friday #Pin from @bigdoor

One of the very best things about working at a startup is the freedom to experiment. In Marketing, we experiment all the time. Sometimes the experiments work, as was the case when our design team created a killer end of year gamification infographic. Sometimes the experiments just seem to need more time, like our BigDoor Loyalty Special on foursquare.

We’ve been thinking about Pinterest for a while now and quite honestly we’re not really sure what to make of it. For those who haven’t heard of Pinterest, the pin-board style site allows users to visually keep track of theme based ‘boards’ pinning images and articles to their self-created themes. The site is beautiful and easy to use. There’s also some amazing stats that are being thrown up – 10.4 million registered users; American users spending an average of one hour and 17 minutes on the site.* The quick rise in popularity and growing user base has led to an eruption of social media experts trying to figure out the benefit.

There are a few companies doing a great job already – Real Simple has almost 100,000 followers; WholeFoods has more than 14,000 followers and Etsy has more than 53,000 followers.  In many of these cases their success is almost obvious with Pinterest’s 97 percent female demographic.

What about B2B companies? GE has a great page and some really interesting boards; Hubspot is doing some cool things as well – we personally like the “Fun Orange Things” page. While B2C companies like Nordstrom and Starbucks seem to be hitting their stride, B2B companies have yet to figure out if Pinterest has any real value.

Since we’re a startup and are willing to take social media risks, we’re jumping in, even with the possibility of failure! Every Friday, my colleague Charlotte & I will highlight our weekly pinboard. Like our Gamification News posts, our Friday Pinboard will feature things we’ve found during the week related to gamification, social media, marketing, loyalty and of course some random fun!

You can follow our pins here on our blog or jump to our BigDoor Pinterest page to join in our experiment!


*Source: Ragan’s PR Daily