#Gamification News You May Have Missed

Happy Monday! Here is the weekly recap of gamification news.

Best bits: Gamification for charities Guardian 3/23/2012 If you work for a charity or non-profit, experts weigh in on how gamification can help raise money, awareness and reach goals for charities. Charlotte Beckett of The Good Agency says of gamification, “[it’s] a way of thinking. Think about how you can reward people for the behavior you want from them.” Even if you don’t work for a charity, the advice here is applicable to most gamification implementations.

Ford launches gamification campaign Direct Marketing News 3/23/2012 Ford Motor Co. has launched a new campaign to promote their new show “Escape Routes” premiering Marc h 31st. The campaign is designed to engage show watchers online. Users will support a specific team and are given the opportunity to earn prizes as the show progresses. The show will be interactive, with cast-members each having social networks to communicate directly with fans.

Gamification gets a test with Walmart and Angry Birds deal Mobile Payments Today 3/23/2012 It seems we can expect to see more of Rovio’s Angry Birds merchandise in Walmart soon. The two companies have announced a partnership to sell Angry Birds merchandise that will give buyers an opportunity to unlock secret levels within the game. Apparel, food, mobile phones and toys will be stuffed with “golden eggsteroids” and clues to bonus content.

Boehringer Ingelheim brings gamification to clinical research PMLive  3/20/2012 Kaggle, an online community of almost 31,000 data scientists has created a competition for German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim called “Predicting a Biological Response Competition”. The competition seeks to harness the brain power of the Kaggle community and incentivize users to help solve scientific problems. The competition offers a $20,000 dollar prize and appears to be attracting quite a few entries since its launch last week.

How to Design Behavior Forbes 3/20/2012 Nir Eyal put together a comprehensive look at what alters and motivates behavior. If you are interested in gamification and their role in how behavior is shaped, this is a must read. Eyal outlines different techniques and how they can be effective of each type of behavior change.