#Gamification News You May Have Missed

We hope everyone had a great weekend and holiday! With the holidays mostly behind us, and the new year looming, we are happy to see lots of news about gamification. If you have been too busy drinking eggnog (before it disappears for the year!), here is some gamification news from last week that you may have missed.

Prediction 2012: The Year Games Save the World Gamasutra 12/22/2011 With the end of 2011 upon us, it seems like everyone is weighing in on what the ‘it’ thing will be for 2012. Gamasutra presents its argument for gamification. With 2011 being the year of games, social media and the cloud, it seems only logical that the culmination of those three trends, gamification, will be at the forefront of 2012. Games have taken over nearly everything that we consider fun, and it seems game mechanics are poised to take over nearly everything else.

Is Gamification Right for Your Business? 7 Things to Consider Mashable 12/25/2011 Gamification has been getting a lot of buzz lately, but that doesn’t mean that it is the right solution for every company. Mashable did a great job with this list of 7 things to consider before gamifying. The overall message? Consider and evaluate users, goals and objectives before implementing gamification.

Top 10 Stories in Education in 2011 Huffington Post 12/22/2011 Technology and Education have always been intertwined. As technology grows and changes, the ways it impacts learning and education also change. In this list, the top 10 stories in technology that have affected education, gamification makes number 9. Gamification is a great way to add fun and interactive principles to education, with “vendors, teachers, students, and parents drooling over the possibilities.”

FixYa becomes the first Q&A site to gamify its experience 7thSpace 12/26/2011 FixYa 3.0 has added gamification to its site in an attempt to engage FixYa experts with the rest of the community. Varying expert levels integrate with escalated question flow, which allows questions to be raised to higher levels of experts if they have not been answered. Additionally, the experts will receive points and increase levels, by providing accurate answers to user questions.