#Gamification News You May Have Missed

Happy Cyber Monday! We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. Take a break from shopping and read some gamification news you may have missed last week.

Is gamification of driving the answer to urban speeding? ars technica 11/26/2011 – In the past few years, American drivers are seeing more and more electric and hybrid cars hit the market. The Chevy Volt, one of the newest in the market displays some features that imply a gamified driving experience. The Volt is capable of driving 35 miles on its electric battery before switching over to gas, to encourage drivers to hit optimum efficiency Chevy included a new gauge that highlights driving habits in real time, and encourages drivers to slow down and drive more efficiently.

Wearable Sensors Offer Real-Time Snowboarding Performance and ‘Stoked’ Readouts psfk 11/15/2011 Avid snowboarders might be excited to hear about a collaboration between Burton and Nokia that will introduce wearable sensors on snowboards and clothing that can provide live tracking of speed, heart rate, airtime, rotation and ‘rush.’ The project, called Push Snowboarding will sync to Nokia’s N8 smartphone via Bluetooth.  No release date has been set yet, but Nokia’s Stuart Wells says that the company has seen a lot of excitement and demand for the product.

4 Ways Brands Are Tapping the Power of Social Games on Facebook Mashable 11/21/2011 As social gaming continues to rise in popularity, brands are taking note of this trend as a new way to reach audiences and increase sales. Take a look at how top brands are using social games on Facebook to leverage their products, mission or goals.