Ad:Tech NY 2011 – Recap

Last week Bryan Estes, Director of Business Development here at BigDoor headed to Ad:Tech NY. Ad:Tech is a digital marketing event held in 10 locations all over the world. The conference focuses on the digitization of media, and its redefinition of business marketing. The event took place November 8th-10th in NYC’s Javits Convention Center. We asked him to share some thoughts on the conference below.

Typically, I attend these events as a booth guy, so it was nice to be on the other side of the coin, walking the floor, making connections, and getting a chance to check out all of the different vendors and pitches. I also got a great deal on a 20oz bottle of water, for $3.90 (note the sarcasm) and had a great time overall.

This year, the conference focused heavily on two trends, social and mobile. It’s clear that these two trends are continuing to dominate marketing and advertising, with more and more companies looking to social and mobile platforms as advertising solutions. Businesses need to go far beyond the standard banner and video advertising to attract new customers and keep current customers engaged and loyal to their brand.

A number of companies were focused on in-game advertisements or advergames (games that are built specifically as a viral marketing message for a product or service). BigDoor provides a similar type of viral marketing approach but also rewards users beyond an in-game experience. This way, users are being acknowledged and rewarded no matter how they are interacting with your brand and site. I for one was excited by these trends and was eager to talk to people about BigDoor’s offerings. Overall Ad:Tech was a great event with lots of information. and I’m looking forward to next year!