Changing The Gamification Argument

There’s a hotly debated conversation string that’s been going on Quora since October asking why developers are opposed to gamification. There are more than 20 responses to this thread, many of them iterating similar responses. Games are relevant and useful in people’s lives and gamification can been seen as an extension of that importance. We offer a few examples:

Games are changing the economics of innovation.  Monday’s Wall Street Journal’s Op-Ed piece featured a column from Andy Kessler.  Kessler asserts that video games are leading the next wave of productivity revolution. Kessler says that videogames will transform not only the way workers interact but also the face of entertainment and media will change.

Games have become increasingly more important in helping children learn. Last fall the New York Times profiled the Quest to Learn program. Very soon after this profile, President Obama announced the launch of the National STEM Video Game Challenge that works to motivate children in science, technology, engineering and math.

Games are changing lives. Last week NPR aired their interview with veteran reporter Clive Thompson who discussed the influence of gaming who asserts that games are  “…blazing new trails in technology and art, and I assure you they are changing how you live, whether or not you actually play.”

Like it or not Social Games are a big deal too. We’d even offer up Monday’s Wall Street Journal’s “All Things D” scoop from Kara Swisher as being pretty important. The news of Sean Ryan’s move Facebook to head up their social gaming partnerships caused quite a stir and we think further details the importance of social gaming heading in to the new year.

With all this information about the benefits gaming, we propose that it’s time to change the gamification argument. It’s not really about whether or not gamification is valid or useful anymore we think it’s about how will you use gamification and smart game layers to create something that is compelling, engaging, useful and relevant for your audience.  At BigDoor we eat, sleep and breathe gamification; games of all kinds are a constant topic of conversation so yeah, we think it’s time to change the argument and move towards the future. Now, I guess I’ll get back to that Quora string and propose a new question.